Sion Airport closed

Please be informed that Sion airport will be closed from september 19 th until october 30th 2016.

During 6 weeks, works will be in progress in the tower, as along the runway, taxiways…
70 companies are involved in the construction side, 200 trucks per day will be engaged, so caution is required.

Only VFR helicopter traffic will be allowed with restrictions :
No ATC services (APP, TWR, Ground)
ATIS available on 130,625 MHz
Sion CTR will be deactivated
Air to Air information on 118,275 MHz
« C » office and customs service will remain opened.
Keep « flight announcement » procedure during the 6 weeks

Alpark helicopter customers will land & take-off from GRELY FATO (see on TEMPO LSGS AD Chart.) Remember that Alpark personnel must be informed of your precise arrival.
Note that on October 7th, a safety exercice in the airport will occur.

Fly Safe

Michel Seppey


VFR MANUAL LS_SUP_16006_1609_15